Mac Makeup Cake

Happy Birthday Milan 🎂!

Chocolates sponge filled with chocolate fudge ganache and chocolate drops for a chocolate lover, all dairy free 🙂


Italian Hazelnut Tart

 The ‘Healthier Option’ is the most creative section of this blog, it is so exciting to get such as good results from recipes I make from scratch 🙂

Mainly made with unrefined ingredients and the highest quality of hazelnuts from Italy, this chocolate tart just took the first place on the list of my favorite desserts ❤

paolo dessert.jpg

Vegan Vanilla Cake

Here are two versions of the same sponge.

The cake on the bottom was the result of a new test, the cake on the top is the more ‘refined’ version. 

I will definitely use the recipe again and again, people loved it!



Vegan Regina Chocolate Cake

Delicious chocolate vegan cake from a reviewed recipe from the book “Keep it Vegan” by Aine Carlin.

As I wanted to give the cake a deep chocolate taste I modified the recipe and added some melted chocolate and coconut oil in the mixture. Sugar has been replaced with maple syrup.

To give some fruity taste I prepared a raspberry sauce. I got a gorgeous cake, moist and chocolaty as I wanted :), it was gone in few minutes :D.

I named this cake Regina Chocolate Cake from the name of my lovely doggy which I remember with lots of love

torta choc
fetta torta